Pastel Twins


Hair: Sintiklia – Quinn
Tattoo: *Queen of Ink* – Marins B&W (@BodyfyEvent)
Dress: **Sexy Princess** – Felenia
Hands animations: SEmotion – LifeLike Realistic Hands Set

Hair: Sintiklia – Quinn
Tattoo: *Queen of Ink* – Marins B&W (@BodyfyEvent)
Bodysuit: AmericanBazaar – Satin Bodysuit (@FrouFrou)
Pose: SEmotion – Modelka18


Valentine’s day

Valentine's day


Hair: Sintiklia – Viola
Complete Outfit: Brii Underground Love Hunt (2L$)
Pose: SEmotions – Modelka


Hair: Sintiklia – Salma (20% off to new and some old items too. Has styler with 4 variants, 3 breast sizes. Also new button materials on/off. @Romp)
Complete Outfit: Brii Underground Love Hunt (2L$)
Pose: SEmotion – Modelka

Macabre Crystall

Macabre Crystall

Chandelier: Figure8 – Monarch Chandelier
Coffins: RO – Danse Macabre (gacha)
Glass fragments: Moon Amore – Opera Romance / Broken Mirror (gacha)
Burning paper: Moon Amore: Opera Romance / Burning music sheets


Veux- tu coucher avec moi?


Minibar: Figure8 – Travel Bar
Bed: [NC] – Reflections Bed




Hair: Sintiklia – Bloom
Tattoo: Juna Artistic Tattoos – Mei (@The Avenue Event)
Chest chain – **Sexy Princess** – Magdalena
Panties&Garter: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – Siena (@Kinky)
Gloves: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – Oriana (Gacha)

Pose: SEmotions




Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Krystal RARE 1-2 (gacha)
Face scar: Izzie’s – Eyebrows Scar (gacha)
Tattoo: Absence. – Evelina
Horns: egosumaii – Twisted Dragon Horns (@Kurenai)
Septum: [CX] – Sacrosant Septum Rusty Iron (gacha)
Earring#1: [CX] – Kunai Earring Silver
#Earrings#2: :glutz: – barbell babe (old gift)
Rings: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – Mezarah (FetishFair)
Harness: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – Pixie (new version) (FetishFair)
Fishnet – Foxes – Riley (gacha)
Jacket: AMERICAN BAZAAR – Fur Jacket Black

Pose: Konpeitou – Free set pose 2




Hair: Sintiklia – Irma (GG)
Fur: AMERICAN BAZAAR – Fur Jacket Pink (@ShinyShabby)
Dress: **SexyPrincess** – Anastasia Dress (Exclusive for FitmeshDesigner)
Necklace: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – 14 (@FetishFair)

Pose: SEmotion – Modelka 18

And there’s more! Take a look to these animations by SEmotion! They are so lovely and sexy, perfect for your AO!
SEmotion – Coquette Animation set 10


Be my Valentine


Hair: FABIA – Nice Day
Outfit: LTmoda – Sandy (White)
Necklace: EMPIRE – Necklace Letter (gacha)
Pose: Lyrium – Tease
Roses: Scandalize – Roses (GG)


Who I am

Hello, welcome to my blog!

Let me introduce myself, I am Mafalda and I have been on SL for more than nine years.
A lot of time has passed and many things have changed, I have changed.
My way of experiencing SL has changed a lot since 2008, I remember at the beginning I had fun wandering around and spending hours and hours watching my avatar in a desolate land. Good times, it seemed like the cool thing in the world!
In those days there were not many things, as we are used to now and expectations were much lower, the important thing was to chat with as many people as possible. I met a lot of fantastic, annoying, rude, brilliant people in those early years.

My God! I was crazy to rebuild on SL the cosplay of my favorite characters and at the time everyone was crazy about Kuroshitsuji (I was crazy with love for that manga – lol).
I show you a very old screenshot of my avatar. Crazy stuff!


Reviewing these photos I get the shivers down my back, but… this was SL.
I own a lot of other photos but it’s better if I avoid showing them to you, they’re really bad! D: Uhm… go on!

Following this absurd period, in which I had all my friends enrolled on SL without a valid reason but just to have many friends on my list, I decided to abandon the platform momentarily. I had to study for the diploma, this was the main excuse. In reality I was beginning to get bored, it was not enough to do camping around, I could not find more people available to have a kind chat with me. And I could not stand the zyngo anymore (because FreetoPlay were no longer available :C)
About two years later I met a very special person, a girl who is still a dear friend of mine. We shared a lot of time together and many passions, including shopping, cosplay, role-playing games. For this reason I decided to try again to return to SL.

In those two years that followed I was practically always on SL, along with my little “herd”, we liked a lot going clubbing, looking for Hunts and freebies. Then came the opportunity to become a danceur for a stripclub and I must admit, with a broad smile, I had a lot of fun and I met another face of SL that I had never experienced.
2012 was a bad year for me. Many years have passed but even now, if I think about it, I can feel again the same anger and the same disappointment in having to close friendships that had been important. Fortunately, my “digital family” helped me not to think about this disappointment and I found a new passion: the role play on SL.
I’ve always been passionate about Fantasy and I found a land that was perfect for me. I met a lot of people who shared my passion and made friends that still warm my heart. I also found love but that, well… it ended two years ago.


It was during this time that both my best friend and I decided to open a blog to share our photos to show our “free” outfits, in this way I discovered that I wanted to become better and better as a photographer and I dive more and more in this new perspective until I was noticed by a publisher who asked me to become his reporter.
For me it was a great opportunity and a great emotion and I worked hard to give my best in this project. In the meantime SL has evolved and even I decided to have to go on changing laptops! The “my child” allowed me to take pictures with better graphics and from that moment I never stopped taking photos, photos and more photos!
I would like to overwhelm you with all the pictures I’ve done to show you how my style has changed, the way I have improved in my passion but for good heart I will only put one 😀

Nowadays things are always the same but “different”, I am a shy person but I like to continue to expand my horizons and meet new people, my “work” incites me to keep up-to-date and to contact a lot of important people like famous photographers / bloggers , designer. From time to time it happens to me that someone recognizes me around SL and the compliments I receive – sometimes by famous people – flatter me and melt my heart.
I believe that this is the real purpose of SL: never stop trying new sensations and emotions, meet people who share the same passions and the same deep respect for what others create or do.
Now I take care of my blog, my flickr and I become Art Director of the magazine that I mentioned. I feel very accomplished and above all happy to find a thousand more reasons to stay with you on SL!
Well… This is my (short) history of my SL, I hope you enjoyed it …
See you inworld! ♥

Mafalda ♥




Hair: Truth – Teanna (January VIP gift)
Skin: Atelier Pepe – Matilda (soy)
Tattoo: *Queen of Ink* – Clairvoyance (@UltraEvent)
Dress: **SexyPrincess** – Lucy Dress Black

Pose: SEmotion – Modelka14 – 25 static poses for Models